March Squash News

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December squash news

December News


League Review


The December league winners were: –




1 – Josh Davis – 27

2 – George Pace – 33

3 – Russell Parker – 24

4 – Jason Green – 31

5 – Alex Wilson – 13

6 – Sunny Creasey – 30


Josh Davis ended Neil Weston’s 2 month win streak at the top of the tables, with the deciding match being their head to head, which Josh narrowly won 3-2.  The Champion of Champions for the second month running was a Pace, though this time it was Pace junior, with George picking up an impressive 33 point total, which coincidentally was the same as his Dad’s total the previous month.


It was an excellent month in terms of participation, with only 2 matches across the top 4 leagues not played.  Divsion 5 & 6 were unusually not quite as good, in part due to some injuries.


My performance of the month goes to Sunny Creasey for his 3-0 victory over Fi Barnes.


Racketball Leagues


Dave Traynor was the winner of division A with a record margin over second place Adrian Allsopp of 11 points.  So far every month of the Racketball leagues has had these two battling it out for first and second, however with some new players joining the league, could this be about to change?


Trial & New members


The three month free trial is nearing the end of its first month and has proven to be very successful with roughly 40 people signing up.  I’m sure you’ve seen the emails from the office, but if not, I’d like to encourage you all wherever possible, to publicise the promotion.


Hopefully you will have noticed some new faces about the club.  Please if you can, take the time to say hello and introduce yourself to them.  It can be very difficult for someone new joining a club, and a friendly face can make a surprising difference.  Being welcoming is something that our club has generally been particularly strong at over the years, and it’s important that we all do our best to maintain this tradition.


With that said, I’d like to welcome 3 new members to this month’s leagues, Ed Barlow, Adam Robson, and Matt Dougherty.  Best of luck to you all!


Coaching offer


To coincide with the trial, I am offering a special offer of 3 individual lessons for the price of 2.  The offer will run until March the 31st, if you are interested just email me to arrange.




Alverstoke team’s – Winter League


At the halfway point in the season the Men’s first and second team have both performed well to be in third and fifth places respectively.  The ladies are also having a strong season and are currently in 3rd place after having two good wins either side of the holidays.  Sue Grealish has been the player of the season so far with 4 wins from 5 matches, with Lou Thomas also having success with 3 wins from 6.


The top Men have been Jacob Harris with 5 wins from 6, Ross Goodwin with a 100% record after 4 games, and George Pace with 5 wins from 10.


Your support for the teams is always welcome, please come along and help cheer our players on for continued success for the rest of the season.



Upcoming Home fixtures: –


Friday 26th January – Second Team v Winchester

Friday 2nd February – Second Team v Nuffield

Friday 9th February – Second Team v Totton

Friday 23rd February – First Team v Winchester


All Matches start at 19:30.


October Squash News

October News


League Review


The October league winners were: –




1 – Neil Western – 17

2 – Jacob Harris – 22

3 – Steve Frankland – 32

4 – Richard Harding – 26

5 – Alex Wilson – 11

6 – David Williams – 22




1 – Dave Traynor – 10

2 – Sue Grealish – 17


Neil Western returned to the top of division 1, with a healthy margin over his nearest rival George Pace.  It could potentially have been a very different story however, as George beat Neil Western, but failed to play the majority of games and so let slip his opportunity to be crowned league champion for the first time.  Perhaps next month.


Steve Frankland was an unlikely champion of champions this month, finishing on 32 points.  Steve had to miss the start of the month due to a kidney stone, and somehow managed to fit in a month’s worth of games into a few days at the end of month, so good going Steve!


Participation was mixed this month, mostly due to a number of injuries.  The best league was division 3, which saw all 5 players, play 5 out of 5 games.  Good work to Mike Cottrell, Mark Pace, Michael Frisby, Pete Robson and Steve Frankland for showing the rest of the leagues how it is done.


My performance of the month goes to Russell Parker for his 3-2 victory over Pete Juckes.


Racketball League


Dave Traynor managed to finally break Adrian Allsopp’s winning streak to just pip him by a single point to win the Racketball leagues.  Division 2 was won very impressively by Sue Grealish who was unbeaten and scored 17 points.


The number of players in the Racketball leagues is still on the low side, and we could use more interested people to join up.  If you know of anyone who you think might be interested in giving it a go, just let me know.



Alverstoke team’s – Winter League


October was a great month for the teams, with victories coming thick and fast.  The first team won their only match; the second team won both their matches, while the ladies also won 1 match, and were also top of the table.


Leading this strong upturn in form have been the two youngsters George Pace and Jacob Harris, who both so far have 4 wins each this season.  This means these two players have actually managed to get 8 of the 15 wins that have been recorded by the men’s teams.


The ladies have spread their wins out much more evenly, and in Lou Thomas, Clare Valentine, and Sarah Barnard, have three players who are so far unbeaten this season.


Keep up the good work!


As always if you get chance, come down to support the teams, below are the upcoming home fixtures.


Home fixtures: –


Friday 3rd November – First Team v Avenue

Wednesday 8th November – Ladies v Lee

Friday 24th November – Second team v Five Rivers

Wednesday 29th November – Ladies v SD Fitness

Friday 1st December – First Team v Seacourt


All Matches start at 19:30.


Club Ladder – Squash Levels


Some of you may have noticed that the old club ladder hasn’t been updated for some time.  Unfortunately the old website that we used was sold last year and shortly afterwards the site stopped working.


We do now however have a new club ladder located at


This ladder is part of a much larger project which aims to collect the results of all the matches around the world from the lowest level box leagues, right up to the world championship finals.  For some years now all our team results have been automatically added to the system which uses a fairly complex algorithm to give all players a rating based on their performance.


The system goes into a fair amount of detail, and ideally would use the individual scores within games, as each point you win can have an effect on your rating.  For this reason, a separate sheet will be next to the leagues on the Squash balcony so that anyone who wishes to; can record the individual game scores of their league games for greater accuracy.  However please out of respect to your opponent make sure you ask them before the start of the match if you wish to use this option.  Scores will only be used if both players agree.


On top of providing a club ladder, the new site has a whole range of other options, including being able to provide a county, national and even a world ranking for each player, predict the score of matches between yourself and an opponent, graphs of your rating change over time, the ability to look at the head to head graphs between two players, and an in depth explanation for how the system works out your points.  There are also around 75,000 players on the system; making it easy to compare how you are doing with other players you have played over the years.