First Team Squash Match

First Team Squash match Tuesday 16 Apr at 1930.  All support for this crucial end of season match v the leaders Trojan’s would be welcome.

March Squash News

November Squash News

League Review


Quick reminder for those newer to the leagues, the December leagues do not end on the last Friday of the month but Friday the 18th of January to give everyone a bit more time over the Christmas period.

The November league winners were: –


1 – Josh Davis – 21

2 – George Pace – 20

3 – Neal Thomas – 30

4 – Sunny Creasey – 36

5 – George McGregor – 29


There were high scores across all the leagues, with Sunny Creasey becoming the third person in league history to score a league maximum of 36 points.


Josh Davis returned to form regaining the league 1 crown after a brief hiatus in division 2.  My performance of the month goes to George Pace for his 3-1 win over Tom Nevitt, a pivotal result for George allowing him promotion to division 1, while simultaneously denying Tom.


The Champion of champions was Sunny Creasey who continues his relentless march up the leagues after a very impressive 36 point maximum against some strong opposition.



2018 Club Championship


The club championship finals are set to be held on Saturday the 15th of December, with the semi finals moved to Thursday the 13th due to there being a first team match on the Friday.

I’d like to thank everyone who has managed to get their matches played so far.  For those who are a little behind, all rounds prior to the semi finals need to be completed before Monday the 10th of December, if you are unable to get the matches played in before that time I need you to contact me to let me know.


The draws are all online at:


Thursday Club night

It’s been great to see such a strong turnout in recent weeks.  Unfortunately, due to the club championship semi finals club night will not be run on the 13th of December.  It will still be run over Christmas on the 20th and 27th of December.

October Squash News

League Review
The October league winners were: –

1 – Darren Packham – 13
2 – Josh Davis – 23
3 – Russell Parker – 12
4 – Michael Frisby – 23
5 – Paul Goulder – 19
6 – James Ash – 25

Darren Packham was winner of division 1, claiming his first league top spot position, narrowly edging out
Jason Green by 4 points after last month’s defending champion Richard Reed was forced to withdraw.

The champion of champions this month was James Ash who scored an impressive 25 points and wins a
free Squash lesson.

My result of the month goes to Sunny Creasey for his 3-1 win over Richard Harding.
Racketball Pyramid


David Traynor once again remains on top of the Racketball Pyramid scoring an unchallenged 28
points.  The best of the rest however was hotly contest with 3 players all tied on 10 points.  Alun lewis
took 2 nd  place by virtue of having the most wins; 3 rd place went to George McGregor, with Trevor McAllister
4 th .

Beyond the battle for second place, Steve Frankland was 5 th  on 6 points, Carol House 6 th  Sam Gilliland
7 th  Toni Lewis 8 th  Sue Grealish 9 th  and Barney 10 th .

Dave Traynor was the most active player for the most managing to fit in 4 matches.
2018 Club Championship
Quick reminder for players to check their opponents in the club championships.  The finals and semi finals
nights have been set as Friday the 14 th  and Saturday the 15 th  of December.  I’d like for us to aim to get all
first round and quarter final matches played during November to make scheduling for the semi’s and
finals nights easier.
The draws are all online at:
Marking course
Hampshire Squash is holding a referee and marking course at Winchester Squash club, on Sat 10th Nov,
between 11am and 2pm.

The course will be run by Peter Goldson, a qualified ES referee instructor. It is a classroom based course,
involving video displays, group discussions and Q&A sessions. The course is designed to give candidates a
good understanding of the required decision making process, and other responsibilities of squash
referees.  The course will also prepare candidates for taking a subsequent online test, within a month of
the course, the passing of which would gain them  a Club grade referee certification.

Hampshire squash fund the course, so there is no charge, but places are limited and will be allocated on a
first come first served basis.

Places can be reserved by contacting STAN THORNTON 07889288209,   giving
name and contact details.
County Closed
The county closed is to be held at Winchester this year on the 3 rd  and 4 th  of November.  Entry ends on the
29 th  of October and can be done online by filling in this form: –

The tournament is graded with categories running from the A grade through to the D grade so no matter
your standard you will have the opportunity to have some good games, along with the chance to watch
some outstanding Squash played by some of the professionals in the A.

I know of at least 4 members from Alverstoke who will be attending so good luck to all those who have
Squash Chairman
At the upcoming AGM we have need to fill the slot for a Squash chairman.  If anyone is interested in the
role and want to know more about what it entails can you speak to Dave Traynor who has had many years
of experience in the position.


September Squash News


League Review

The September league winners were: –

1 – Richard Reed – 16

2 – Tom Nevitt – 16

3 – Neal Thomas – 28

4 – Pete Robson – 12

5 – Jim House – 27

6 – Ian West – 16


Richard Reed was this month’s division 1 winner, doing so after winning division 2 last month.  Richard is a multiple time league winner from several years back, but after a series of injuries has struggled to make it back to the top league, so congratulations.  It was however very close at the top with Jason Green also scoring 16 points, Richard won due to winning their head to head.


For the second month in row Neal has become the champion of champions, this time with a more modest 28 points, narrowly beating his nearest rival Jim House, who scored 27.


My result of the month goes to Ian West for his 3-0 win over Paul Goulder.


Racketball Pyramid


David Traynor for the fourth consecutive month remains on top of the Racketball Pyramid scoring 19 points.  The points were evenly distributed throughout with Carol House taking second on 17, Alun Lewis third with 14, followed by Steve Frankland (12), Barney (10), Trevor McAlister (7), Adrian Allsopp (6), George McGregor (3) and Toni Lewis (1).


Activity was excellent for the racketball this month with 3 players being tied for the most active player, George McGregor, Steve Frankland, and Alun Lewis all playing 4 matches.



2018 Club Championship


The draws for the club championship are now up; with the event due to start on Monday.  Please check the draw to make sure you are entered into the events you wanted.  If you haven’t entered yet but wanted to do so, or have decided you want to enter some additional events you have until Monday to let me know.


If you have yet to enter either of the doubles competitions currently I have one player in each event that has no partner.

The draws are all online at:


Marking course


Hampshire Squash is holding a referee and marking course at Winchester Squash club, on Sat 10th Nov, between 11am and 2pm.


The course will be run by Peter Goldson, a qualified ES referee instructor. It is a classroom based course, involving video displays, group discussions and Q&A sessions. The course is designed to give candidates a good understanding of the required decision making process, and other responsibilities of squash referees.  The course will also prepare candidates for taking a subsequent online test, within a month of the course, the passing of which would gain them  a Club grade referee certification.


Hampshire squash fund the course, so there is no charge, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Places can be reserved by contacting STAN THORNTON 07889288209,  giving name and contact details.




August Squash News

August News

League Review

The August league winners were: –

1 – Josh Davis – 29

2 – Richard Reed – 26

3 – Michael Frisby – 6

4 – Neal Thomas – 36

5 – Matt Dougherty – 13

6 – Ian West – 9

A new rule has been added for the September leagues.  Due to the Hampshire leagues changing the scoring from English to 9, to PAR to 11, players in the club leagues have the option of using either scoring system.  If both players cannot agree on the scoring system, then the default should be English scoring to 9.

PAR stands for point a rally, and means that every rally won, earns the player a point.  In this scoring if players reach 10 – 10, then to win you must lead by two clear points, so 12-10 or 13-11 for example.

Normal service was resumed at the top of division 1, with Josh taking a dominant first place, more than double the points of his nearest rival David Traynor.  He was prevented from taking the position of champion of champions however by Neal Thomas who scored the first maximum (36 points) for the year.

Scoring a maximum of 36 points is made especially difficult due to the fact it can only be done if you win your guest game against a player in a higher league 3-0.  This is clearly on its own a difficult task, but obviously is not possible for someone in division 1 to achieve, and in addition to that, roughly 50% of the time your guest games will be players in lower leagues, again making the achievement impossible; so double congratulations to Neal Thomas both for being this month’s champion of champions, and for achieving the maximum possible score.

My result of the month goes to Lou Thomas for her 3-2 win over Matt Dougherty.

Racketball Pyramid


For the third consecutive month David Traynor has maintained the top spot in Pyramid, scoring a total of 18 points.  Alun Lewis however wasn’t far behind and climbs to second place with a score of 16, Sue Grealish and Carol House were third and fourth and make up the remained of the second tier.

The most active player was tied between Alun and Tony Lewis, keep up the good work the Lewis family!

Team Squash

The fixtures are now out for the Hampshire league teams.  Anyone wanting to participate in either the men’s or the veterans (over 45) team please sign up on the Squash club notice board, to help the captains know who is interested in playing.

The first home match for the 1st team is on Friday the 14th of September against Five Rivers, while the Vets team play the following Wednesday on the 19th.  As always all support is welcome.

2018 Club Championship

Entry for the 2018 club championship is now open; please sign your name up on the Squash notice board.  The entry fee is £5, and once you have entered, you are allowed to enter as many categories as you wish.  The aim is to get the finals played just before Christmas.



May Squash News

May News


League Review


The May league winners were: –




1 – Josh Davis – 28

2 – Darren Packham – 22

3 – Dave Traynor – 16

4 – Sam Gilliland – 22

5 – Sunny Creasey – 27

6 – Lou Thomas – 13


Josh Davis for the fifth month in a row won division 1, doing so while also being the champion of champions and recording the second highest score of all time in division 1.   Sunny Creasey wasn’t far behind in the race to be the champion of champions, scoring just 1 less point, and picking up my performance of the month for his 3-0 victory over Paul Goulder.


Racketball Leagues


For the second month running Dave Traynor has managed to prevent Josh from claiming the Squash and Racketball double.  Division 2 was won by Trevor McAlister with 5 points.


Due to the difficulty faced by many in trying to get Squash and Racketball league matches played in a single month the format for the racketball will be changed in June, with the leagues being replaced by the racketball Pyramid.


The goal is to make it easier for people to take part in both the squash leagues and the racketball pyramid, while enabling those more focussed on their racketball to find it easier to get opponents.


Club Closed Competition


Congratulations to Ross Goodwin who last Saturday became the club champion for the second time.  It was a hard fought match against Andy Cummings, with Ross needing to come back from being 2 games down, and surviving 2 match balls.


The match was Andy’s second final in the last two years, after last year losing 10-9 in fifth against Neil Weston in one of the most memorable finals in recent times.  After twice coming so close to winning the trophy it’s surely just a matter of time.


The racketball finals were just as thrilling as the squash, with Josh Davis going 2-0 up and looking unstoppable.  In the third game he elected to go for set 1, at 14-14, and after a tense rally, George Pace prevailed to win the third and gain the momentum he needed to go on and win the match 3-2.  Congratulations George for an extraordinary comeback.


The other finals were the Men’s B which was won by Dave Traynor, who defeated Michael Frisby, and the Racketball doubles, which were won by Mark Pace & Josh Davis, who beat Dave Traynor and Trevor McAlister.


The ladies competition had their final played a week earlier, with Carol House defeating Laura Titterington.


Many thanks to all of you who took part and contributed to this year’s competition, and to those who came down to support the semi’s and finals.  We were all rewarded with some outstanding displays of squash and racketball, and I hope to see you all taking part in next seasons event, which hopefully will be arranged around November.







April Squash News

April News


League Review


The April league winners were: –




1 – Josh Davis – 19

2 – Jason Green – 22

3 – Richard Reed – 15

4 – Pete Robson – 24

5 – Michael Frisby – 25

6 – Paul Goulder – 12

7 – Matt Dougherty – 8


For the fourth successive month, Josh Davis won division 1, though it was much closer with his total of 19 points, only narrowly edging out Neil Weston who scored 17.   Also on a win streak, Michael Frisby was champion of champions for the second month in row, narrowly beating out Pete Robson who scored 24.


My performance of the month goes to David Williams for his 3-2 victory over Paul Goulder.


Racketball Leagues


Josh Davis was unable to continue his winning streak in the Racketball leagues, with Dave Traynor defending Racketball club champion, narrowly overcoming him 11 points to 9.  Could it be that with the club closed competition nearing, and a title to defend, DT has been in secret training?


Division 2 was won by Carol House on 17 points while division 3 was by Jason Green with 6.


Club Closed Competition


Preliminary draws have been made for the club closed.  Anyone who has forgotten to enter and still wants to take part has until the end of the weekend to let me know.


The finals night will be Saturday the 26th of May, with the semi finals to be played on Friday the 25th.


Courts have also been block booked out on Friday the 11th and 18th of May from 18:50 for people to play their first round and quarter final matches.  If you are unable to make those dates then you may arrange the match with your opponent on another date, though please let me know if you are doing this.


Matches can start from Monday the 30th of April, though double check the draw before arranging matches yourselves as during the weekend there may be some adjustments if there are late entrants.


Best of luck to everyone taking part.

March Squash News

February News

League Review

The February league winners were: –


1 – Josh Davis – 27
2 – Dave Traynor – 27
3 – Jason Green – 24
4 – Richard Harding – 21
5 – George McGregor– 25
6 – Adam Robson – 17

It was an outstanding month for Josh Davis, winning division 1 for the second month in a row, both times scoring 27 points, while simultaneously also being the Champion of Champions, and winning the Racketball leagues on his first attempt. Jason Green also managed to win his league for the second month in a row, and new member Adam Robson won division 6 comfortably in his first month in the leagues.

My performance of the month goes to Mike Cottrell for his 3-2 victory over Steve Frankland.

Participation in the top 4 leagues this month was excellent, with 37 out of a possible 41 matches played. Divisions 5 & 6 weren’t quite as consistent unfortunately, with a combination of a few people being away, and some miscommunications about when games were due to be played resulting in only 16 matches getting played in those two leagues. With a longer March league this month however I am sure the players from those two leagues will be able to get a few more games in this cycle.

Racketball Leagues

As already mentioned the Racketball leagues were won for the first time by Josh Davis, who has only recently taken up the game. What he may have lacked in experience however appears to have been more than made up for by his speed and power, with Josh collecting good wins against Adrian Allsopp, Dave Traynor and Jason Green.

Trial – 9th March

The clubs free trial is continuing to do well, with now over 70 people signed up. The feedback I’ve gotten from people on the trial has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’d like to thank all the members who have gone out of their way to help give the trial members a positive experience.

As you may have seen on the 9th of March there will be a new member’s night, where the new members can be introduced to existing members. There will be food available and the courts are also booked out from 18:50 for some friendly and informal hits of Squash, Racketball or Tennis.

I’ll be down all evening and will be happy to go on court with all comers, whether to introduce a complete beginner to either Squash or Racketball, or to give a more experienced player a gentle run about.

Alverstoke team’s – Winter League

The ladies have continued their strong season, and are now on a run of 3 wins in a row, with good recent wins from Laura Titterington and Fi Barnes.

The men’s teams have had a few rearranged matches this half and as a result the 1st team had their first match tonight. The second team has had a couple of matches completed recently however with both being closely fought 3-2 wins; spearheaded by strong performances from Josh Davis and Neil Weston, and backed up with wins by Neal Thomas and Tom Barnes.

Your support for the teams is always welcome, please come along and help cheer our players on for continued success for the rest of the season.

Upcoming Home fixtures: –

Wednesday 28th February – Second Team v Totton
Friday 2nd March – Second Team v Petersfield
Wednesday 14th March – SD Fitness
Friday 16th March – First Team v Nuffield
Wednesday 21st March – Lee

All Matches start at 19:30.

September Squash News

September News


League Review


The September league winners were: –




1 – Josh Davis – 28

2 – George Pace – 16

3 – Neal Thomas – 26

4 – Mark Pace – 28

5 – George McGregor – 31




1 – Adrian Allsopp – 22

2 – Alun Lewis – 22


Josh Davis continued his meteoric rise and has followed up being the champion of champions for two successive months, to comfortably winning division 1 with a very impressive score of 28 points.  George Mcgregor however prevented Josh from making it three months in a row as the champion of champions with an excellent tally of 31 points for the month.


Participation continues to be fantastic.  The best league this month was division 5, with 15/15 matches played, while division 4 managed 14/15, division 1, 13/14, and division 2, 9/10.  What that means is that only 2 matches weren’t played across 4 out of 5 of the divisions.  Unfortunately division 3 did let the side down a bit and had 3 unplayed matches.


The result of the month was Michael Frisby defeating Mark Pace 3-2, in the battle to determine the winner of division 4.


Racketball League


Adrian Allsopp for the third month running is the Racketball champion, winning division 1. He also is continuing his pattern of winning the league by 1 more point than the previous month, this time edging Dave Traynor by 3 points.


Division 2 was won by Alun Lewis who was unbeaten and scored an impressive 22 points.  Participation however is waning in the Racketball.  We are now down to just 10 players in the leagues, and could use some more fresh blood to keep the league healthy.



Social Racketball


There is an increasing number of people wanting a less formal, more social and friendly way of organising matches between people who aren’t particularly bothered about the score, and are more interested with having enjoyable rallies.


This is the ideal setting for someone who is a beginner and wants to give the game a try, but has no experience.  If you know of anyone who you think might be interested please let me know.




Alverstoke team’s – Winter League


The teams have played 5 matches so far this season, with each of the men’s teams playing 2 matches, and the ladies playing 1.


The men look to be in for another difficult season with neither team so far picking up a win.  There have however been some good wins from the two youngsters, George Pace and Jacob Harris, so hopefully as the season progresses they will both be getting stronger and stronger.


The ladies on the other hand have gotten off to an unbeaten start with a fine victory against Winchester Ladies.  Sue Grealish put in a strong performance to win at number 1, while Lou Thomas came back from a game down to win 3-1.


As always if you get chance, come down to support the teams, below are the upcoming home fixtures.


Home fixtures: –


Wednesday 4th October – Ladies v Chichester

Friday 6th October – Second team v Southampton University

Wednesday 18th October – Ladies v Southampton University

Friday 3rd November – First Team v Avenue


All Matches start at 19:30.