August Squash News

August News

League Review

The August league winners were: –

1 – Josh Davis – 29

2 – Richard Reed – 26

3 – Michael Frisby – 6

4 – Neal Thomas – 36

5 – Matt Dougherty – 13

6 – Ian West – 9

A new rule has been added for the September leagues.  Due to the Hampshire leagues changing the scoring from English to 9, to PAR to 11, players in the club leagues have the option of using either scoring system.  If both players cannot agree on the scoring system, then the default should be English scoring to 9.

PAR stands for point a rally, and means that every rally won, earns the player a point.  In this scoring if players reach 10 – 10, then to win you must lead by two clear points, so 12-10 or 13-11 for example.

Normal service was resumed at the top of division 1, with Josh taking a dominant first place, more than double the points of his nearest rival David Traynor.  He was prevented from taking the position of champion of champions however by Neal Thomas who scored the first maximum (36 points) for the year.

Scoring a maximum of 36 points is made especially difficult due to the fact it can only be done if you win your guest game against a player in a higher league 3-0.  This is clearly on its own a difficult task, but obviously is not possible for someone in division 1 to achieve, and in addition to that, roughly 50% of the time your guest games will be players in lower leagues, again making the achievement impossible; so double congratulations to Neal Thomas both for being this month’s champion of champions, and for achieving the maximum possible score.

My result of the month goes to Lou Thomas for her 3-2 win over Matt Dougherty.

Racketball Pyramid


For the third consecutive month David Traynor has maintained the top spot in Pyramid, scoring a total of 18 points.  Alun Lewis however wasn’t far behind and climbs to second place with a score of 16, Sue Grealish and Carol House were third and fourth and make up the remained of the second tier.

The most active player was tied between Alun and Tony Lewis, keep up the good work the Lewis family!

Team Squash

The fixtures are now out for the Hampshire league teams.  Anyone wanting to participate in either the men’s or the veterans (over 45) team please sign up on the Squash club notice board, to help the captains know who is interested in playing.

The first home match for the 1st team is on Friday the 14th of September against Five Rivers, while the Vets team play the following Wednesday on the 19th.  As always all support is welcome.

2018 Club Championship

Entry for the 2018 club championship is now open; please sign your name up on the Squash notice board.  The entry fee is £5, and once you have entered, you are allowed to enter as many categories as you wish.  The aim is to get the finals played just before Christmas.